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Breaking Through Walls

Through Day 16, I’ve been able to lift almost 3/4 of my goal! Phew!

More observations:

  1. Rest: Adding an extra rest day was a life saver. My top weight numbers on most impactful compound lifts (deadlifts, squats, rows, namely) have plateaued but my rep count continues to increase, thus driving my volume lifted higher.
  2. Strain: Big muscles are feeling strong and not too fatigued. However, smaller muscles including forearms, fingers, some lower back, and neck have been noticably stiff. This has really begun to have an effect on my grip strength and I believe it is a big reason why my top sets on most pyramids are not increasing like I expected.
  3. Energy: Actually pretty good. Today I had a workout that almost lasted two hours and I added a Hammer Gel shot to get some glycogen into my body before my closing cardio session. I think it helped but I’ll have to do it more frequently to conclusively say.
  4. Appearance: It’s only a bit over two weeks but I am noticing some interesting appearance changes. My weight has stayed the same but fat is melting off and muscle is increasing, without a doubt. I have two large veins that have begun to pop out of my calves. My traps are becoming more defined and my upper and lower arms are showing more vacularity. Pants are also fitting looser.
  5. Cardio: I continue to commit time to cardio even though it doens’t drive my volume goal higher. I think my next big challenge will involve a signficant amount of cardio training while also focusing on weight training.
  6. Volume: Back and chest volumes increased about 5%. Legs increased 10% or so, somewhat because I incorporated more lateral exercises. Still, good increases all around.

Day 1 Legs 11/19 – 115,225 lbs.

Day 2 Chest 11/20 – 14,065 lbs.

Day 3 Back 11/21 – 28,045 lbs.

Day 4 – REST

Day 5 Legs 11/23 – 119,070 lbs.

Day 6 Chest 11/24 – 17,540 lbs.

Day 7 Back 11/25 – 33,800 lbs.

Day 8 – REST

Day 9 – Legs 11/27 – 137,870 lbs.

Day 10 – Chest 11/28 – 19,950 lbs.

Day 11 – Back 11/29 – 37,675 lbs.

Day 12 – REST

Day 13 – Extra REST

Day 14 – Legs 12/2 – 150,465 lbs.

Day 15 – Chest 12/3 – 21,980 lbs.

Day 16 – Back 12/4 – 41,710 lbs.

Total through Day 16 – 737,395 lbs.