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7.21.11 – cogswell reservoir via the west fork

3.28.11 – chantry/sturtevant trail to mt wilson and down upper winter creek

Hiking Checklist

sturtevant falls hike from chantry flat

proposal hike

Laura and I got engaged last week on November 18th on the PCT!   We were just a few tenths of a mile up the PCT, just north of Inspiration Point Vista off of the Crest Highway.   I dropped the question via an elaborate plot and she said YES!   Lots of details, but here are a few pics.   Hope you enjoy 🙂

crest hwy drive from wrightwood to sunland

My family is in town and has really never seen mountains up close – so I decided to take them and Laura for a drive.   We drove through some pretty cloudy/foggy areas, but other areas were clear.   anything over about 7k was clear.   The temps ranged from about 48 degrees down to 43 degrees or so.   No wind.   Mt Wilson was foggiest and we couldn’t see more than 8 feet in front of the car.   Laura got some cool shots of the Station Fire burn areas.   Check out the pix below.

icehouse canyon to icehouse saddle

got out for a nice, leisurely hike today with my friend natalie.   we did the standard route from icehouse canyon trailhead to the saddle via icehouse (not chapman trail).   ’twas beautiful out – about 72 and sunny.   If you haven’t done this trail before, I’d recommend it.   Even if you’re not a huge hiker, doing just a mile of this trail is beautiful, especially with the autumn colors (see pictures).   Otherwise, the distance is a hair over 7 miles or so with a gentle elevation gain throughout.

-springs are all cooking pretty well right now

-trail was crowded, but its still a peaceful place and most other hikers are way cool and respectful.

-ran into a ranger at the trailhead.   he was cleaning out the stalls.   one of the nicest, coolest rangers i’ve ever come across.   it’s always fun to meet cool people.

Echo Mountain on a 113 degree day

I went hiking up Echo Mountain today – on the hottest day ever in LA.   113 freaking degrees.

I love hiking.   I really do.   And Echo Mountain is a fun relatively short hike.   But today, not so much.

I went up about a mile and a half and that was enough.   No more hikes on 113 degree days.