WHOA-OH We’re Halfway There-errr!

Now that Bon Jovi is in your head… 🙂

After this morning’s back workout, I surpassed the half-million pound mark! Not bad for just 11 days, quite a bit faster than I expected.

Volume continues to grow – almost in a linear sense. However, while I am experiencing increased reps and volume, I’ve noticed that my heaviest sets at times have dropped – noticably deadlifts. One reason for this could be that my body is really using up its glycogen and not replenishing it fully, given the regular frequency of lifting and fewer rest days. Another idea could be looking at what is fatigued a bit more – especially I’ve experienced great fatigue in my fingers and forearms, along with mid and lower back. I even used wrist wraps this week for some deadlifts to help get around this… but I really don’t like using wraps. What I’m probably going to do from here on out is actually add another day of rest or cardio on my 5 day splits.

Day 1 Legs 11/19 – 115,225 lbs.

Day 2 Chest 11/20 – 14,065 lbs.

Day 3 Back 11/21 – 28,045 lbs.

Day 4 – REST

Day 5 Legs 11/23 – 119,070 lbs.

Day 6 Chest 11/24 – 17,540 lbs.

Day 7 Back 11/25 – 33,800 lbs.

Day 8 – REST

Day 9 – Legs 11/27 – 137,870 lbs.

Day 10 – Chest 11/28 – 19,950 lbs.

Day 11 – Back 11/29 – 37,675 lbs.

Total through Day 11 – 523,240 lbs.

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I am a person who enjoys hiking, backpacking, and anything else outdoors.

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