Daily Archives: November 25, 2015

1 Week Down… Surprises!

I just finished my second cycle of lifts and I’m genuinely surprised.

I hit the ground running when I started this adventure a week ago. I blasted through the first 4 day cycle and expected to feel residual fatigue during the second round. Instead, my volume has actually increased up to 18% per day from the first round and with MORE cardio – and my body feels amazing. What makes this also interesting to me is that my diet has remained relatively similar – averaging about 2,700 calories a day and only really adding a protein shake during my workout and some supplementation (creatine, caffeine/green tea, ZMA, fish oils, multi-vitamin).

The question I’m asking now… what will round 3 be like? Is round 2 an abberation, a product of me better fine tuning my weights I’m lifting and knowing better how to pace myself? Or will my volume continue to grow without much of a valley or drop off? Time will tell.. let the experiment continue!!!

Day 1 Legs 11/19 – 115,225 lbs.

Day 2 Chest 11/20 – 14,065 lbs.

Day 3 Back 11/21 – 28,045 lbs.

Day 4 – REST

Day 5 Legs 11/23 – 119,070 lbs.

Day 6 Chest 11/24 – 17,540 lbs.

Day 7 Back 11/25 – 33,800 lbs.

Total through Day 7 = 327,745 lbs.