1,000,000 lb. challenge

Big thanks to my wife for the suggestion to put this on my blog site here.

I was recently reflecting on my life and realized that the last couple of years, I have not been challenging myself with high-bar adventures like I previously did. Being adventurous is an important part of who I am and I think  several factors have caused me to compromise that. I’m bringing that part of me back to finish up 2015 and usher in 2016.

One challenge I’ve recently embarked on that I’ll be blogging about is what I am calling the “million pound challenge” where I will be lifting 1,000,000 lbs. of weight volume within a month. Here’s how it works:

-It’s a million pounds of volume. What that means is 10 sets at 100 pounds = 1,000 lbs of volume.

-I’m working with a 4 day split – 1 day of lower body, 1 day of chest/arms/shoulders/cardio, 1 day of back/abs/cardio, and 1 day of rest. The routines start out with complex movements (multi-joint) which have the highest benefit and fatigue factor and work down to isolation workouts (single body parts). My entire routine is listed on bodybuilding.com.

Today I just finished day 5 of the challenge. Days 1-4 weren’t what I’d call easy but I started with a full load of glycogen in my muscles and plenty of energy…just a bit short on time. Time will be a challenge, especially for the legs workout which takes about an hour and 45 minutes. I felt more stiffness and fatigue in the gym today on the second go-around for the legs workout for sure. I’m counting on an increase of this in the future.

So far so good though!

Day 1 Legs 11/19 – 115,225 lbs.

Day 2 Chest 11/20 – 14,065 lbs.

Day 3 Back 11/21 – 28,045 lbs.

Day 4 – REST

Day 5 Legs 11/23 – 119,070 lbs.

Total through Day 5 – 276,405 lbs. Right on target!

About Matt

I am a person who enjoys hiking, backpacking, and anything else outdoors.

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