5.3.15 – lower macleay park to witch’s castle

Wife and I recently moved to Portland! SO many new hikes to explore!

A popular one is Upper Macleay Park to what is known as Witch’s Castle/Witch’s House. The hike begins on the west side of Portland and immediately lunges into Forest Park, the second largest urban park in the US (behind Central Park in NYC). The green-ness of the hike is absolutely mesmerizing! The well worn trail (paved in parts) follows a creek and is lined with a myriad of flowers, different trees, moss, and ivy.

After about a mile of pretty flat hiking, you come upon an old structure that is covered in graffiti. This is Witch’s Castle. The urban legend can be seen here. The reality of the structure can be found here. Either way, it’s a pretty cool and very popular spot dog-walking and running destination with locals.

The total distance on this hike is around 2 miles or so roundtrip and it’s suitable for hikers of all ages and skill levels. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot the next time you’re in Portland!

Enjoy the pics below (c/o Laura).

Trailhead location can be found here.

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