5.5.14 – whitney portal to lone pine lake

Wife and I finished off our road trip with a nice dayhike from Whitney Portal to Lone Pine Lake. I’ve been up in these parts before – but it was Laura’s first time. It was a blast observing the wife enjoying the scenary for the first time.

We parked at the almost empty Whitney Portal parking lot. The temperature was around 60 degrees with wind kicking up around 20-30mph. After stretching and bear boxing everything smelly, we left the  parking lot and began our short ascent.IMG_0298 IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 We were treated to views of melting snow and low-lying clouds blowing all over the place. The trail was free of snow up until 2.5 miles in.IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0310

IMG_0311 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0317 As we ascended, the temperatures got cooler and the wind picked up velocity. I pulled out my balaclava, which has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear. The temps were now in the low 50’s but wearing this with short sleeves and shorts was plenty warm.IMG_0318 IMG_0319 At around 3.2 miles, we had our first glances of Lone Pine Lake. The snow cover here was considerably deeper and required a little bit more tact to navigate through. After a brief break to take in the scenary and down some fatty calories, we turned around and headed back to the Portal.IMG_0321 IMG_0322When we reached the bottom, we immediately headed straight for the legendary Whitney Portal Store to take down gluten free lettuce wraps, french fries with exra salt, and lots of pop. It was an ideal way to end a fun road trip and a good day on the mountain.



Time: 3:34

Distance: 6.6 miles r/t

Elevation gain: 2047′


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