Since before I was a hiker, I have set goals for hiking. Everybody’s goals are different. My goals are more milage and destination based. Regardless of what type of goals you like to set, this can help you plan out your season of hiking.

As we approach the dusk of Summer and the dawn of Autumn, I’m beginning to set my goals for the not-so-distant future:


– 1 30 mile day hike (closest I’ve ever gotten is 29 miles. GAH! SO CLOSE!)

– 1 40 mile day hike


– Hines Peak from Sisar Road/Red Reef in Santa Paula

– Gridley Trail to Camino Cielo in Ojai

– Chief Peak via Rose Valley Fire Road in Ojai, LPNF

– Montecito Peak from Cold Spring in Montecito

– Loop: Up San Ysidro to Camino Cielo, down Cold Spring trail and back to San Ysidro via the Edison Catway in Montecito

– Divide Peak (Los Padres NF) from wherever, as long as it’s by foot


– Get out at least 3x to Manzana Schoolhouse in Santa Ynez/Figueroa Mountain area

– +2 backpack trips

– Winter Mountaineering at least 2x

– Hike at least 2x a week

– Get newbies out hiking at least 4x


What are your goals for the upcoming terminus of 2013 and beyond? Share em! And don’t forget to set them high 🙂

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  1. My goals are to do a 10-miler without my feet falling off and to backpack at least 2 nights in a row, just to see what it’s like.

    And I wanna make it to 1000 Island Lake.

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