9.2.12 – silver falls state park (salem, or)

Laura and I set out on a surprisingly beautiful hike: Silver Falls State Park. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to ignore state parks in favor of the bigger national parks. However, this one is AWESOME and has multiple incredible waterfalls.

We began our hike at the South Falls parking lot. It’s the Sunday before Labor Day and we arrived around 1045am…just before the masses. We walked past the visitor center/cafe, up the brick path, and followed that path to the paved and then dirt trail that led to the 170+’ South Falls. We continued on, descending the path down to behind the falls and then back up on the opposite side of the canyon. This is pretty much the name of the game with this path… it goes behind other waterfalls, as Laura’s wonderful photos (below) illustrate. This path is incredibly green and relatively easy. We ended up taking the path clockwise around the canyon and then following the trail across a cutoff in the middle of the canyon, through Winter Falls, and back to  the parking lot. This made our journey about 5.5 miles or so; you can follow the trail around the entire perimeter and make it a good 7-8 miler. Highly recommended.

Time: 2:30 or so

Distance: 5.5 miles or so

Elevation gain: 700′ give or take (hard for GPS to work in canyons)

Water consumed: 1/2L by Laura, I drank none. Filtered her water out of the stream.

Getting there: Google Link

Considerations: $5 day use pass due at the gate. Also, be sure to wear hiking shoes, as some parts of this trail do get a little steep.

Onto the slideshow, all photos taken by my wifey. Also I’ve uploaded a video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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