7.27.10 – san jacinto via marion mtn trail

this is my second in a small series of trail reports never uploaded.

on 7/27/10, my friends louie, victor, katie, natalie, and i took one of the hardest ways up to the top of san jacinto: the marion mountain trail from idylwyld/marion mountain campground. this hike taught me one major lesson that i’ve held strong to since: do NOT go too fast early on. katie is one of the fastest hikers i’ve ever hiked with and, even though i’m no slouch, i thought it’d be fun to keep pace with her. bad idea.

first half mile of the hike is relatively flat but then it takes a steeper up turn for a mile, up through a “welcome to Jacinto” gateway. from there, it gets even steeper and winds through some boy scout campground areas. after 2 miles, well, i was no longer at the front with katie 🙂 after 3.5 miles, louie and i were alone as the other three had pulled a “see you at the top.” honestly, i was so pooped. the only thing that kept me going was the beautiful view of the entire eastern LA valley. i’d never thought it was beautiful until i’d spied it from marion.

louie and i crossed through a bog/swamp type of place around 4.5 miles in. we took a break here and enjoyed the shade before beginning the final 1.5 mile slog. up, up, up. finally, we reached the standard san jac summit trail and, when i saw an old guy hiking in blue jeans, i knew we were close 🙂 the summit came just after a bit more hard work. we scrambled up the rocky summit to find 2/3 of our friends asleep and enjoying the 10,800′ high mountain air. also, if you do this, make sure you check out the sierra club hut!

this hike is hard. really hard. there is very little water along it and even though it is well shaded and quiet, it is not for the casual hiker. at the same time, it’s worth it and you get major bragging rights.


hrm log

time: 8:30

distance: 12 miles

elevation: 4800′

water consumed: 3L

electrolytes consumed: 2L of gatorade

calories burned: 10,600

calories consumed: 1500? (shot bloks mainly)

weather: 70-80 degrees and sunny with a breeze

permits: obtain, both, an adventure pass for your car and a san bernardino pass from the ranger station.

pics: (sorry only a few)

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