6.21.12 – rose valley to piedra blanca

I’ve already hiked this one a few times and put it up here a couple times (HERE and HERE). However, Laura and I brought our friends Natalie, Lindsay, and Corey out here yesterday for the first time and I thought I’d briefly share the account.

Piedra Blanca is as good as always. Leaving mi caro at dos o’clock, we began our hike on the clearly marked trail. It was quiet as usual for a Thursday – probably 10 cars in the lot – and a rather mild 80 degrees for early summer in Sespe. We crossed the two creek crossings (which are extremely low and a bit gross looking right now) and made our way to the t-junction, where one can go right to Willett Hot Springs or left to the big ol’ rock. We went left. We did notice that the old t-junction sign was down and a new one was posted, for what it’s worth.

We traversed onward, enjoying conversation about work, sci-fi television, and other future hikes. After about 30 minutes, we reached Piedra Blanca. Corey immediately began testing out his new La Sportiva Boulder X shoes, which held up pretty well and were quite sticky on the sandstone formations. Natalie, Lindsay, and Laura breezed around the edges of the boulders, taking in the amazing views of this weird little valley. After a couple minutes, our little troop decided to continue onward. We hiked an additional .75 miles, evading multitudes of honey bees and one really angry bumblebee, until finally we’d reached our turnaround point for the day’s easy hike. We ate some Shot Bloks and Gu Chomps before heading back to the car (where we then bee-lined it to Chik Fil A! AWWW YEAH!).

Of note, there were no (repeat “no”) snakes seen on the trail. Like I said, lots of bees out there now, though, and the flies are just waking up.


Getting there: Take 33 north of Ojai for 15 minutes. Turn right at Rose Valley Road and take that to the end of the street, where there’s a big parking lot. Hang your Adventure Pass in your card, hide all valuables in the trunk, and follow the trail!

Distance: 3.85 miles

Elevation gain: 760′

Time: 1:49:00

Weather: Clear skies, 83 degrees or so, 25 mph winds

Calories burned (est): 1500

Calories consumed: 200 (GuChomps and 16 oz of Heed/Crystal Lite mix)

Water consumed: 1.5L (+ .5L of electrolyte mix)

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