6.15.12 – carpinteria bluffs

softball hike #3. it was easy. very. i felt a little lazy on it actually. speaking of lazy, im not going to use caps in this post.

softball hikes can be fun, however, and this one was. wife and i met up with our friend natalie in the viola fields parking lot off carpenteria ave. and ballard at 950am. my toe is still giant but feeling a bit better… but im still not ready to try a hike too challenging to it. we walked the mostly very flat gravel and dirt trail around the edge of the bluffs overlooking the ocean. we got to see some families of seals swimming around and enjoying the nice, overcast conditions. that was totally cool.

the trail goes west along these bluffs, over some railroad tracks, and ending at carpinteria state beach. the other branch of the trail goes east and down a steep face to the beach, which is a protected seal sanctuary at times during the year. one could easily run, walk, bike, whatever a c0uple miles on these trails without having to overlap their path. however, it is a somewhat limited trail network from a hiking standpoint.

still, it fit the bill and allowed us to start the day off the right way! so thanks laura, natalie, and carp bluffs!

gps log


getting there: take the 101 to carpinteria/ballard ave. take that south and turn left. viola field is on the right and you can park in either of the two lots.

time: 35:00

distance: 1.35 miles

elevation: minimal gain

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  1. Laura Cavanaugh

    I would hike this every day. It’s beautiful, and the weather was perfecto! =)

  2. Life & Sunshine

    We love the bluffs trail! its a family favorite for sure 🙂

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