6.10.12 – zumwalt meadow loop (kings canyon)

Laura and I did a few easy hikes today in Kings Canyon/Sequoia. The first was Zumwalt Meadow.

The Moons’ book on California hiking declared this to be the most beautiful of short hikes in Sequoia so we though…”why not?” It definitely did not disappoint. We parked our car in the medium size lot and saw a handful of people around us. For a Sunday afternoon, though… one can’t complain. The path is well marked and we followed it over a well-made bridge. Upon crossing, we were greeted with more signs and arrows, denoting the Zumwalt Meadow loop. There are all sorts of other treks one can do from here. We chose to do the mostly flat 1.5 mile loop that circles a meadow laden with high grass and bamboo. We were surrounded by all sorts of cool redwoods (I won’t try to be a botanist here) and pine trees galore. The river (Kings’ River or Bubbs Creek…?) followed along part of the trail. Most of the trail was pine-needle covered, creating a soft bed for these tired old knees. Highly recommended for the family or just a fun day out.

getting there: Take 180 into Kings Canyon/Sequoia, past the gate ($20/car entry or free with parks pass), and down for maybe an hour. You’ll pass, well, everything. About 10-15 minutes after Cedar Grove, you’ll hit the meadow parking lot on the right. If you get to Road’s End, you’re too far.

GPS Link (not complete though, I had reception problems…just use this for map reference)

time: 40 minutes

distance: 1.5-2 miles

elevation gain: maybe 200′

temp: 72/sunny

water drank: very little, its not very strenuous

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