1.19.12 – aliso canyon loop

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My friend Wil and I got out on a pretty casual hike this afternoon through Aliso Canyon. We started out at Sage Hill, which is one of many campgrounds located off of Paradise Road, a few miles east of 154 between Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. The first half mile of the trail or so is an interpretive trail, featuring plaque after plaque of various nature descriptions and so forth. The trail is also relatively flat until about a mile in or so. After that, it begins to steepen up quite a bit. The grade can get steep, similar to Mt Baldy, but the upshot is that it does not stay consistently steep for too long.

After 2 miles or so, we passed a junction where the trail splits. One part goes over to Upper Oso and the other continues on the Aliso Loop. Upper Oso will happen another day. Shortly after this junction, we reached the pinnacle of our journey – a small summit marked by a couple of makeshift stools – and then we began our descent back to Sage Hill.

This hike is great for beginners and is well-marked. The trail is mostly dirt, which is great for people with knee and ankle issues. This was definitely one of the nicest hikes I’ve had in awhile.

Time: 1:40
Distance: 3.6 miles r/t (loop)
Elevation gained: 1185′
Calories burned: ~1200
Water consumed: .5L
Food consumed: 1 Hammer Gel, a mini muffin thing
Calories consumed: 200
GPS log

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  1. This is a great trek for kids, and the interpretive signs teach them a lot about local flora and fauna and how it was used by the Chumash.

    Users should be advised that a Forest Service Adventure Pass, Federal Interagency Pass, or equivalent permit is required to park a vehicle anywhere within the Santa Ynez Recreation Area (except for fee-free events, like this weekend!)

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