1.12.12 – piedra blanca to bear creek (los padres)

My friend Victor and I enjoyed a nice, casual hike this past Thursday. We began in Rose Valley at the Piedra Blanca trailhead. We took that trail about half a mile in or so to a T-junction. Left goes to Piedra Blanca (a big old rock/boulder field) and right goes along the Sespe Creek. We went right.

We took that trail about 4 miles down to Bear Creek Campground. Between the T-junction and Bear, the trail is mostly flat, pretty wide, well marked, and enjoyable. There are a couple of shallow creek crossings that you can pass by boulder hopping. However, after a big rain, this might not be possible.

Bear Creek Campground was a beautiful plateau, seated adjacent to the beautiful blue-green waters of Sespe Creek. This is an awesome spot to camp or bring a group of beginner-immediate backpackers looking for a fun overnight trip. I’ve definitely bookmarked it for my future excursions 🙂

Time- 4 hours
Distance – 9.2 miles r/t (in and back)
Elevation change – ~1100 feet (est.)
Water consumed – .5L
Food consumed – 1 PayDay bar, 2 Hammer Gel shots
Calories consumed – 500
Calories burned (est.) – 1800
GPS log

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  1. You shoulda seen the creek after all the snow last year. Think: Olympic Swimming Pool.

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