10.3.11 – romero canyon t.h. to romero junction

On the 3rd, I did a short but fairly steep hike up Romero to a four-way junction. The trail is well marked and well maintained… and as a bonus, had no poison oak to get through! The trail ascends about 2 miles, with about 1500 feet of elevation gain according to my Garmin. Of course, being in a canyon, that may be variable, but its definitely a trail that is consistently steep. It tops out at a 4 way intersection with a fire road (the same one that starts at Romero’s trailhead). I was short on time but if I would have gone a mile farther, I would have hit Camino Cielo. Next time.

Time: 1:40:00
Distance: 4.14 miles r/t
Ascent: about 1,500′ give or take
Calories burned: 1694
Calories taken in: 300 (all Hammer Gel)
Water consumed: 1L
Weather: 75 and sunny
Gear used: Salomon XAPro Ultra trail runners, Nathan trail running pack
GPS log

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