10.11.11 – tunnel trail to inspiration point and some other spots

My friend Lindsay and I got out on a nice little hike to celebrate our day off from work. Our initial goal was to take Tunnel to Cathedral Peak, but we veered off course. No big deal, though… we were just happy to get out.

If you haven’t been up there before, Tunnel’s parking situation is tricky… so obey all of the parking (no parking) signs. However, as this was during the week, there were plenty of open spots. We heads up the paved road and followed the “trail” signs. However, they led us onto the Jesusita Trail. Again, not a big deal, but if you’re looking to end up further up on Tunnel or Camino Cielo, just be mindful of that. We went over an easy creek crossing and up the well-traveled trail to another fire road. We crossed that road and continued on the trail, until we (accidentally) ended up at Inspiration Point, a popular local hiking spot. I.P. sports a beautiful view of the area below and out to the Channel Islands. It was about two miles or so to the top. After that, we continued down Jesusita but found a pretty active bee hive and turned around. We putzed around a bit more on the fire roads and then headed back down to our car.

Time: 1:56:00
Distance: 5.35 miles r/t (about 2 to IP)
Ascent: 1,419′
Calories burned: 1400
Calories taken in: 300 (Hammer Gel) and 200 (HEED)
Water consumed: 1L
Weather: 93 and sunny
Gear used: Salomon XAPro Ultra trail runners, REI Flash 30 pack
GPS log

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  1. Is there a chance you could include the city of where your hiking trails are or a city starting point; e.g. Lake Ave. I’m assuming is Pasadena. Thanks. I’m glad I now receive your posts which I really enjoy reading!

  2. It took me a few beats to realize this isn’t the Inspiration Point that you can get to from Echo Mtn in Pasadena. 🙂

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