romero canyon trail to a random bench on top of a hill

I’m still getting to know the area’s hiking trails and made a rookie mistake today…that ended up being a lot of fun.

I began hiking at the Romero Canyon trailhead, north of Montecito and Summerland. This trail links up with all sorts of trails and I’m looking forward to logging a lot of those on this site in the coming weeks. At around .3 miles in, the trail comes to a T-junction. The right branch had a lot more evidence of bike and foot traffic… and is certainly where the main trail goes. I went left, instead, and veered off of my original plan. But hey, I’m new here!

The west trail I took (aka “the catwalk” as some locals refer to it) seems to get very little human traffic, as evidenced by a lack of footprints. Perhaps one reason for this is the grade. The trail has a few very steep up’s which are followed by very steep down’s. However, the general direction of the trail does ascend and I came out to a really neat overlook of the whole coastline, marked by a cool stone bench and a horse hitch. The trail was lined with bay laurel and smelled amazing. I did however see a whole lot of scat on the trail. My guess is either black bears and/or mountain lions, perhaps with a coyote mixed in, but I’m admittedly not great at scat identification. Nonetheless, this 2.2 mile roundtrip was short but a fun way to spend my Sunday.

Time: 25 mins up, 15 minute break, 15 minutes down.
Distance: 2.2 miles r/t
Ascent: about 1,000′ give or take
Calories burned: 800
Calories taken in: 200 (Hammer Gel)
Water consumed: .3L
Weather: 62 and cloudy
Gear used: Brooks Cascadia trail runners, Nathan trail running pack

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