new url, new site change, and other fun happenings!

I usually try to reserve all of my posts on this website for hike logs. However, there are some major changes (but perhaps not so major?) underway and I wanted to update you all on them.

I am moving to Carpinteria/Santa Barbara in a week and, well, would be somewhat misleading, given that I will now be spending much of my time in Los Padres and other areas surrounding my new locale. Therefore I have changed the URL to will redirect to this new url.

I am also going to be expand upon, not just the geography, but what this website is really for. Hiking is great and will probably always be my first love. However, there are so many other ways to enjoy the outdoors… namely through climbing and cycling. I am going to be expanding the contributors on this website… from just me to at least a couple of other trusted friends. This expansion will be slow, because I want to avoid bringing in too many people too quickly and potentially compromising the integrity of the reports we offer. However, keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, the design of this website is going to be changing. In fact, I’ve already started to redo the layout. Please be patient for the next short while as I fine tune everything.

Thank you for being a reader and/or subscriber! I am always eager to hear your feedback on how we can improve this service. Peace, Matt/

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