6.17.11 – monrovia falls via monrovia canyon trail

My wife’s workplace had a get together today at the cabin at Monrovia Canyon Park. Hanging out with people is fun…but so is hiking! After socializing for some time, a good percentage of the group left the cabin and hiked the very easy trail to the scenic waterfall. The trail involved a bit of inclined, but most of it is very easily graded and manicured. The poison oak was out in full splendor, but the bugs were surprisingly at a minimum. If you’re a person just starting out hiking or on any other exercise program, this is a good trail to begin with. Just be reminded that there is a $5 parking fee if you park in the park area (or you can hike an extra mile each way and simply park in the nearby neighborhood). The trail is easy to find… just follow the signs for the “Falls Trail.”

Duration: about an hour and 15 minutes
Total Distance: 2 miles from the cabin
Elevation Gain: a few hundred feet (I didn’t bring a GPS)
Temperature: low 70’s pretty much the whole way.
Terrain: well defined dirt trail
GPS log: n/a
Calories burned: my guess is about 400

Gear specs:
Backpack: none
Shoes: beat up old salomon xa pro’s
Trekking Poles: none
Water consumed: none
Electrolyte beverage consumed: none
Food consumed: none
Estimate of calories consumed: 0

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