6.15.11 – mt disappointment via fire road

I have a little less than a month until I head up to Whitney. My body has been doing some weird/worrisome things, so I took the last three days off, more or less, and today I did a short but quick hike.

I started out from the small lot for Mt Disappointment Road. To get there, take the 2 up from La Canada. Turn right at Red Box and head up a few tenths of a mile. On the right, a small road is evident… turn up this road and park at the gate. (Adventure Pass needed)

Hiking pavement isn’t for everyone, but, today, I really wanted to get a quick hike in and to not have to worry about all of the inconveniences that can come with a trail (ticks and bugs, sprained ankles, etc.). Most of the road is pretty tame and presents good views of the northern and western San Gabes. After about 2.5 miles of steady but rather gentle gain, the road picked up pretty intensely for the last half mile or so to the top. I was pushing my anaerobic threshold the whole time, though (above 3mph), and I pushed through that section to get to a pretty nice summit, complete with neat government equipment, a helipad, and, of course, a wonderful 360!

This hike can be combined easily with a hike to nearby San Gabriel Peak, but I was rushed today. Next time, though! 🙂

Here’s a video from the summit

Duration: 2 hours
Total Distance: 6.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1260 feet
Temperature: low 80’s pretty much the whole way.
Terrain: Paved fire road
GPS log:
Calories burned: 1,335

Gear specs:
Backpack: rei flash 30
Shoes: Salomon xa pro ultras (beat up ones)
Trekking Poles: none
Water consumed: 1 liter
Electrolyte beverage consumed: 0
Food consumed: 4 Chocolate Hammer Gels, some almonds
Estimate of calories consumed: 500

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  1. you dork, baden powell is to the left!!!!!!

  2. always so encouraging, mr. fight on.

    • what? you want some newbee hiker to hike to koo koo munga peak and look to the left and think that catalina island is baden powell, and start hiking and drown in the ocean? is that what you want to happen? well, is it? wow dude…

  3. fight on gets lost even on the echo mtn trail. then hurts his ankle. don’t listen to him

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