6.8.11 – laura mountain

Victor and I hiked two times today. We began with a hike to Mt Williamson and then drove down to Dawson Saddle to hike up Laura Mountain.

Laura Mountain is a very short hike and doesn’t appear on too many maps. However, it is a fun, easy, and very scenic hike. To get there, park at Dawson Saddle (in the turnoff near the sign). Hike east a little bit to the trailhead, which is marked by a big metal sign that advertises the Boy Scouts’ efforts on Dawson Saddle. If you are unable to find this trail or want a bit more of a challenge, you can take the shortcut trail across from the storage shed, though this trail is a bit sketchy in parts. Either way… take either trail up about .6 of a mile or so. You will pass a small false summit on the left but keep going. As you get closer to the half mile marker or so, you’ll notice a new summit building on your right. Go straight on the Dawson trail until it reaches the same elevation as the little ridge on the right. Once you get to this spot of similar elevation, turn right and follow that ridge north until you see the Laura Mountain cairn and sign. This is a very fun hike for someone who just wants to get out for a little bit. It’s also a great little picnic spot. If you feel inclined to go further, you can go back to the Dawson trail and head out to Throop Peak, Windy Gap, Mt Burnham, and Mt Baden Powell. This area is definitely one of the prettiest in the San Gabes.

Duration: 48:00
Distance: 1.35 miles
Elevation gain: 387′
Temperature: 60′s and sunny
Terrain: well maintained trail up from Dawson, then very easy cross- countrying to the summit.
GPS log
Calories burned: 443
Water consumed: 0
Calories consumed: 0
Food consumed: 0

Gear specs:
Backpack: rei flash 30
Shoes: salomon quest 4d’s
trekking poles: black diamond contour ellipticals

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