6.1.11 – devil’s canyon

Got out to Devil’s Canyon today for the first time. But before Devil’s Canyon, Victor and I hit up Newcomb’s Ranch and got some veggie burgers. Newcomb’s rules.

Beautiful weather, highs up there in the 60’s with some pretty gusty winds. We parked at the Devil’s Canyon turnoff and were the only car there. The trail is easy to find; its across the 2 from the parking lot. It immediately begins a gentle descent through oak and pine forest. The trail in the beginning is well marked, even though the gigantic amount of bear tracks causes me to think its not a well traveled trail.

As the trail continues, there are some short but pretty steep drops down scree. There is also some deadfall across the trail, resulting in some tricky detours. Overall, though, the trail is well enough marked and easy to follow.

We dropped about 1100 feet over 2 miles and ended up in a nice little spot, where two canyons join up to form a nice sized creek. This was my first time in Devil’s Canyon and I’m not too familiar with all of the geography, but it was a cool little spot. We enjoyed a short break and then began the 2 mile ascent back to the car.

A couple notes: There was surprisingly no poison oak anywhere on the trail. Also, this trail is not a very steep trail, but has some slippery drops and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone just beginning to hike. Overall, though, this trek was pretty easy and a nice change of pace from the tough ones I’ve been doing lately.

As an aside, I drove up and down the 2 today. They’ve opened it from Switzer up to a few miles past Charlton Flats! WOOHOO! There are even rumors that it’ll be open in La Canada on Friday!

Duration: 2:30:00
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation gain: 1300′ (drops down to canyon first, ascends on way back up)
Temperature: 60’s and sunny
Terrain: fairly gentle, but a few spots with loose scree and short, steep downclimbs.
GPS log
Calories burned: 1200

Gear specs:
Backpack: rei flash 30
Shoes: salomon quest 4d’s
trekking poles: black diamond contour ellipticals
Water consumed: 1L
Calories consumed: 0

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