5.18.11 – timber mountain via icehouse canyon

I had a fun hike today with my friend and coworker, Tony; we headed out to Timber Mountain via Icehouse Canyon.

Timber is often done in conjunction with Telegraph and Thunder Mountains. The three mountains comprise the Three Tee’s Trail. However, today’s purpose was to be recreational. In addition, it was cold up there (low 30’s over 6000′) and we didn’t want to hang out in the rain, snow, wind, and cold all day long. Nonetheless, it was a fun hike.

We headed out of the Icehouse parking lot at about 930 or so. I don’t have a bunch of pics of the beginning of the hike but there are a ton of other TR’s on here that will show Icehouse Canyon in extensive detail. Often, this trail is crowded, but there was only 1 other car in the lot. Yay. We jumped on the trail and right away were greeted with fresh spray paint. Spray paint makes the baby Jesus cry. Totally lame.

We trudged on past the Cedar Glen cutoff, past the cabins, and past the Cucamonga Wilderness sign. At 3 miles or so, on the long switchbacks just after Columbine Spring, we came across the first people on the that we’d see. Nice people. Most hikers I meet on the trail are fantastic, actually. Anywho, we trudged onward in the light snow and building fog, up to the saddle. The saddle is about 4 miles in from the parking lot and is an awesome rest stop. We took a bit of a break to eat and drink a bit and to talk to the aforementioned two hikers. Much of Icehouse had a fresh dusting of powder. More on that later.

We continued up the Three Tee’s Trail. Timber Mountain is only about a mile from Icehouse, yet its about 700 feet or so of gain and has some tougher, steeper parts. The snow began to pick up and the ice on the trees around us became more pronounced. The fresh rime was beautiful. I tried to take a bunch of pictures. We finally arrived at the summit and hung out for a bit. The winds were a bit strong, but the cold was the biggest enemy up there. Nonetheless, even with an obscured view, the summit of Timber was really pretty and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. We descended down the way we came up and were met with increasing rain. By the time we reached the parking lot where my car was parked, we were both very thankful for our hardshell jackets.

Duration: 5:26:00
Total Distance: just under 10 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,431 feet
Temperature: upper 50′s at trailhead, 40s going up, low 30′s at the top
Terrain: well marked trail, mostly snow free.
GPS log:timber mountain via icehouse by matthewwcavanaugh at Garmin Connect – Details
Calories burned: 3,285

Gear specs:
Backpack: Flash 30
Shoes: Salomon Quest 4d
Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Contour Elliptical
Water consumed: 2L
Electrolyte beverage consumed: 0
Food consumed: 5 Hammer Gels, Pay Day bar
Estimate of calories consumed: 700
Clothing: smartwool midweight top under REI revelcloud and North Face Mammatus hardshell. Arc’teryx Beta AR pants, REI softshell gloves, hat, smartwool socks.
If I could do one thing differently: I would have worn thicker gloves.

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