3.28.11 – chantry/sturtevant trail to mt wilson and down upper winter creek

I was able to get out and hike a big loop: from the Sturtevant parking lot (out of Chantry Flat) to the summit of Mount Wilson and then down the Winter Creek.

My friend Jason and I got out around 7am. Immediately we noticed just how high the water levels were (VERY high!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen the bodies of water we saw at such a high level.

We passed Spruce Grove and Sturtevant. The trial is tame til then or so, but it gets steeper past a few miles. The trail was in good shape, even with our recent rains. When we reached about 4800′ or so, we began to see more and more snow and so we put on our crampons (Jason has microspikes). My Katula crampons worked pheonomenally. We hung around at the top for a bit and then descended down the mostly gentle Winter Creek (upper) Trail. Though, it is worth mentioning that some trees and rock falls have made this path a bit trickier. Overall, a lot of fun out there today, especially with the snow/crampon stuff.

Duration: 8:20
Total Distance: 15 miles
Elevation Gain: 5301 feet
Temperature: upper 50’s going up, 50 degrees at the top.
Terrain: well maintained trail. snow (crampons necessary) above 4900.’
GPS log:
Calories burned: 4,804

Gear specs:
Backpack: REI Flash 30
Shoes: Salomon Quest 4d boots
Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Contour Elliptical
Water consumed: 2 liters
Electrolyte beverage consumed: 12 oz of Hammer Heed/Perpetuem/Crystal Lite
Food consumed: 6 Hammer Gels, 1 honey stinger gel, some cheese/crackers, and a package of lime shotbloks.
Estimate of calories consumed: 1,100

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  1. Nice hike – is this the first time you’ve used the Kahtoola KTS crampon’s? I’ve been thinking of getting a pair in case the snowpack melts late on the JMT….

  2. It is, Chris. They’re pretty sweet, but they do slip a wee bit around the heel area from time to time. I need to use em a few more times but I think they’re going to be a good purchase for me. Probably a good purchase for you… and they come in aluminum, too, if you want to stay consistent with your ultralight ways.

  3. how do you achieve an elevation gain of 5301 feet?

    if you start at chantry flats, you start with an elevation of 2200′ an then you summit Wilson at 5715’…


    reason i’m asking is because i might do this next month for meetup.com and wanted to put some description of the trip for those interested in going….

    thanks… (is it ok if i link your website from there?)

  4. Hey Roberto-
    No problem linking to my site. The purpose of what I’m doing here is simply to encourage others to get outdoors and to make these trails a bit more accessible for people.
    Chantry is around 2200, you’re right…but you drop a good amount on the long paved road down towards Sturtevant Falls…and then increase. My GPS says you drop about 500 feet to around 1700. Wilson is roughly 5700.’ That makes for a 4000′ gain. There are also parts that are up and down which would add to the total gain. Sometimes GPS’s aren’t spot on but 5300′ doesn’t seem too terribly far fetched at the end of this hike, at least to me. If you feel differently after your hike, hit me up, as I’d love to be as accurate as possible.

  5. I see what you mean now… and it makes sense…

    thanks for the reply…

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