Hiking Checklist

In lieu of the Iron Mountain hike, where things would have been better if we’d remembered to take a few things… I’ve decided to create a hiking checklist.   As a disclaimer, I’d like to convey that this is from my own personal experience.   If you need to add or subtract something, go for it.   I just hope that you can use this is as a good starting point.

Checklist for hikes
Water and electrolyte drinks
I usually take the same amount of water as I do electrolyte drinks e.g. 2L of water and 2L of Hammer HEED).  Always bring extra, too… if not for you, for someone else)
Water filter (if desired)
Always take normal food, along with any sort of performance food you may need. I typically take a ratio of 3 gels to 1 cup of trail mix.   Always bring extra, too… if not for you, for someone else)
Clothing list
Wool (non cotton) socks (SmartWool recommended)
Underwear that does not support chafing (e.g. ExOfficio)
Lightweight pants or shorts (thickness dependent on temp)
Lightweight baselayer top (e.g. SmartWool or Icebreaker)
Hat (windstopper recommended)
Footwear (boots, hiking shoes, or trail runners. Strong tread recommended, Gore-Tex or waterproof recommended for most situations)
Insulation layer (if necessary)
Rainproof/Windproof shell layers (tops and/or bottoms if necessary)
Balaclava (if necessary)
Extra pair of socks (if necessary)

Compass (I keep a small keychain on the zipper of my backpack)

Sun protection
Lip balm with SPF

Small LED keychain light (keep on your backpack zipper)
Extra batteries

First Aid Kit
Antiseptic wipes
Antibacterial ointment
Assorted band-aids
Butterfly band-aids
Medical tape
Insect sting treatment
Nail clippers with knife tool
First aid manual
Cotton balls
A few salt packets
A few sugar packets
Whistle (sometimes comes on a backpack sternum strap)
Signal mirror
Duct tape (I put this on my trekking poles)
1 or 2 ziploc bags
Emergency heat blanket
Fire provision (flint, lighter, etc…)
Toilet Paper/Kleenex packet

Cell Phone
Small amount of cash

And ALWAYS tell people where you are going and with whom.   I sometimes do this via my Facebook status and it seems to work well.

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