2.7.11 – recovery hike, from chantry to one mile past sturtevant camp

On the eve of getting some toe surgery which will put me out of commission for a few days, I wanted to get one more hike in… so I chose to hike Chantry Flat to Newcomb Pass.

I started out at Chantry at 7:45 a.m. and was greeted with perfect conditions: 60 degrees and sunny.   Absolutely perfect!   I traveled down the paved road a half mile to the dirt trail, then chose to take the upper falls trail.   The water was flowing great and it wasn’t too buggy.   I only saw one couple out there… the rest of the trail was alllll mine!   I kept going… Spruce Grove… and then Sturtevant Camp.   However, here I ran into an unexpected detour: The Gabrileno Trail to Newcomb Pass was closed!   Boo.   I elected to go up the Mount Wilson Trail and took it about a mile past Sturtevant Camp.   At 4400′ or so, I ate a bit of trail mix and began the trek home.   Instead of the Upper Falls trail, I took the High Trail which goes above that one.   Still, hardly any people out there.   I returned to my car at about noon.  Trail conditions were perfect and, even though there were some flies around the water deeper into the forest, I didn’t have any problems.

Total Distance: 10.0 miles exactly

Total Calories burned: 2700 🙂

I drank about 2L of water and 1/2 a liter of perpetuem/heed/crystal lite mix and consumed 4 hammer shots.

Garmin Connect Hike Profile (Elevation, Speed, Etc.)

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