Mt Wilson via Mt Wilson Trail/Sierra Madre

Got out with Victor yesterday to hike to the top of Mt Wilson via the Mt Wilson Trail at the top of Baldwin/Mountain Trail Road.   I was a bit late getting there and a bit worried about how far we would go, because I have a pretty messed up pinky toe right now.   Nonetheless, adrenaline prevailed 🙂

We started hiking around 8:30 and kept a 2mph pace throughout.   I expected mudslide damage but there was hardly any.  Good job trail repair team!   We zoomed up, past first water, then Orchard camp, then last water, then Manzanita Ridge, and finally Wilson’s summit.   The weather was great – consistently in the 60’s and sunny – and the trail was virtually empty.   Total distance was 14.6 miles and it took us just a hair over 7 hours.

I drank about 2.5L of water and 1L of crystal lite/hammer heed.   I didn’t eat much – some hammer gel and a few almonds – but I wasn’t really hungry until the last mile and a half down.   I used my usual stuff – Flash 30 pack, Black Diamond Contour Elliptical poles, 1 lightweight REI baselayer, a pair of underarmour shorts, and of course smart wool socks.   I used my Keens yesterday because of the toe injury.

The one thing I should have had but did not is my water filter.   There was a TON of really nice, cold water flowing throughout the trail and the idea of having ice water in the middle of that hike drove me wild.   Otherwise, I was perfectly equipped and a good hike was had.

Here is a link to my Garmin 310XT’s readout of today’s hike

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