12.15.10 – islip saddle to mount islip summit

this is a day late and dollar short, but here are some pics from a hike we did in the middle of december to the summit of islip.   conditions were great… upper 30’s, light winds (until summit, then it was WINDY), with a bit of snow in parts… probably 6″ at the deepest parts.   we tried taking the trail all the way up but without crampons, it was too dangerous.  we turned around and ended up taking the service road to little jimmy up.  it was more gradual and didnt overlook a steep drop.   🙂   i wore my asics with goretex, smartwool socks, my REI ultralight waterproof pants (chance of rain that day), an REI lightweight base layer, northface windwall track jacket, and my northface mammatus shell, along with a hat and gloves.  probably should have had my patagucci bottoms on, but otherwise had plenty of gear.   ate a bag of trail mix and drank about 2 liters of water.

i took pics on my phone but im having trouble uploading them.   perhaps i will be able to get the pics sometime soon so yall can see em.

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