eaton canyon to idlehour TH via mt wilson toll road – in the rain – BRRR

I wanted to hike today, since this is really the only day I’ll have available for hiking for at least a week.   However – 1. it was supposed to rain (or snow in the uppers) and 2. i couldn’t get anyone else to come with.   therefore, i decided to do mount wilson toll road, as this is a fairly familiar trail for me and would be safe from flash floods or what-not.

i got out at about 10am or so.   i parked in the eaton canyon lot and walked down the normal eaton canyon trail to the toll road/bridge.   from there, i just went up…up…up.   i saw exactly three hikers on the way up.   well, 2.   the other person was a guy in carharts and holding a crossbow.   as i went up, up, and up, i entered into increasingly overcast conditions.   i arrived at henninger flats after about 70 minutes and was completely surrounded by fog…and cold.   the temp at henninger was easily 10 degrees less than the eaton lot; i’d guess it was about 55 or so.   add in the rain and that means it was COLD.   i was trying out a new rain shell jacket and pants.   the pants did great, especially with my ex-offio’s, but the jacket didn’t fare so well.   in fact, i was pretty soaked.   and cold.

i pushed on past henninger and got to the idlehour trailhead, which is a bit under 5 miles from the eaton lot.   at this point in time, i decided to abandon my goal of summitting wilson in the rain.   however, i still wanted a double digit distance total, so i went on a bit further, and then turned around.   nothing really exciting to report, honestly.   just walking in the rain 🙂

there were a couple cool things out there, however.  for one, i was able to try out my brand new garmin 310xt and LOVED it.   seriously, every hiker needs one.   how could i have gotten to this place in life without one?!   so now i can add maps and other data into these posts.   yay.   also, autumn is beginning for the trees off of the toll road.   i saw lots of oranges and yellows and reds.   i’d guess that in a couple weeks, that place will be an autumn wonderland!

Garmin Connect – Details (<–trip log, etc…)

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  1. if you ever want a hiking partner hit me up… always out there

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