Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak

Got out with Laura yesterday afternoon to do a hike that we’ve never done – Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak.   Dawson Saddle is about 20 minutes from Wrightwood in the Angeles National Forest.   We started our hike at just under 8,000 feet.   Temps were cool – about 55 degrees or so.   The first leg of journey was a little sketch.   Later I figured out that we’d started up, not the regular trail, but a splinter trail – hence why it was sketch.   After a bit, though, the trail widened and straightened out.   The trail traverses the ridge of a mountain, bringing with it all sorts of extraordinarily beautiful views of the Mojave.   After about a mile or so, we found ourselves amongst the first snowfall of the year.   It was a small dusting but did increase in depth a bit more as we went along.   I love the first snow of the year.   What a great feeling!

Anyways, the trail links up with the PCT.   Just before that, however, is the trail to Throop (pronounced “TROOP”) Peak.   I’ve added a picture of that trail, since it is very easy to miss and it isn’t maintained all that well.   We ascended .3 miles or so to the 9,000’+ summit up a pretty steep incline but made it to find a breathtaking 360 view of everything around us: Baden-Powell, Baldy, Wilson, Hawkins, etc.   Honestly, this summit isn’t talked about by too many people, but the view is pretty awesome.   Will definitely be going up this trail again sometime soon.

And another summit was bagged 🙂   I’m going to do a little goal setting now.

Summits I’ve topped in the last year:

Mt Baldy

Mt Harvard

Mt San Jacinto

Mt San Gorgonio

Mt Lowe

Mt Disappointment

San Gabriel Peak

Echo Mountain

Jones Peak

Mt Waterman

Throop Peak

Here are my upcoming goals:

Mt Baden Powell

Cucamonga Peak

Three T’s Trail via Icehouse

Ontario Peak

San Bernardino Peak

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