Icehouse Saddle via Cedar Glen loop

Went for a hike this morning with my friend Jon.   We headed out from Icehouse Canyon’s lot around 8:30 this morning and took the Chapman trail up to Cedar Glen about a 2.5 mile hike, arriving by about 9:20.   We hung out at Cedar Glen for about 10 minutes and proceeded to head towards Icehouse Saddle up a somewhat sketchy trail, eventually arriving another hour and 50 minutes later.   Up til then, we had not seen another hiker on the trail.  Of course, Icehouse Saddle is a common intersection for several trails, including the Three Tees, and we saw several people at the saddle.   We hung out there for about 10 minutes amongst the active bees and 20 mph winds, and finally began our descent home via the Icehouse Canyon Trail.   The entire 9 mile loop was done at a casual pace and took a hair over 4 hours to complete.   All in all, twas a wonderful trip, with wonderful weather (74 and sunny with a breeze) – definitely one of the more pleasant hikes I’ve gone on in awhile.

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  1. We had the same thoughts about the chapman trail between Ceder glen and icehouse saddle. For something that is regarded as a “newer” trail it still needs quite a bit of work before it feels safe. The portion from the split off the main Icehouse saddle trail to Ceder glen is very pretty though.

    Cedar glen is a great place to spend the night though. The creek is far enough away from the campsite so that you don’t get all the annoying pests but it’s still close enough to haul in water for cooking. There’s 2 or 3 prime spots above the main campgrounds. If coming up from Icehouse canyon as you enter the campgrounds hang a right and ascend up the small use trail to the top of the small rocky hill. At the top it flattens out and a great view of Ice house canyon is a few yards away.

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